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Living a sober life after addiction can seem like an unachievable feat. For those who have a drug addiction, you need help from the professionals at our drug rehab center in Carmel, Indiana to have an effective recovery plan created for your needs that will be comprehensively altered to meet them. Every individual is different and has their own addiction, behavioral patterns, and unique history of drug and alcohol abuse. Each recovery plan is designed for a specific client at our Carmel drug rehab center.

Heston Recovery has a network of rehab centers across the country. We are able to provide treatment for many clients, who have fully recovered and have resumed their normal life. Our addiction treatment center in Carmel can provide the care and insight you need to beat your addiction once and for all through detox, therapy, and aftercare.

We have experienced and well-qualified staff members. They are always available to offer one-on-one care and supervised detox to clients that is required during their recovery process. Our three-tiered recovery approach is not only holistic, our comprehensive treatment program in at our Carmel drug rehab clinic can provide what you need to succeed.

Although each client is unique, Heston Recovery understands that each client should follow a similar process to attain the ultimate goal of sustained recovery. Our addiction treatment clinic in Carmel offers different ways to get there. Our varied range of treatments and recovery methods include selective options that suit our clients’ personalities and needs. These treatment options make the center one of the best substance abuse treatment facility in Carmel.


The Treatment Plan

Our staff commences holistic recovery by monitoring our clients closely through the provision of supervised detox to help with withdrawal and screen for dual diagnosis mental health issues. Supervised detox is only provided to ensure you get through the process comfortably and safely. This also helps alleviate extreme withdrawal symptoms.

The next step after is an introduction to the treatment therapy where each client first meets with an intake assessment staff member. You will you get an opportunity to meet our team who will assign you an individual counselor to assist and guide you through the recovery process using personalized methods that suit your needs.

A counselor will train you on how to replace old behaviors with a new pattern of thinking. It is at this stage where you are given a chance to select your preferred elective options. Our clients can select a variety of elective options that include entertainment options, health-oriented treatments, holistic activities, alternative healing methods, practical skills training, recovery-focused therapies, daily life training, and spiritually-oriented. The Carmel addiction recovery center is a community rehab where clients are help each other as an extended support group. Our clients are encouraged to engage in holistic activities so they can be empowered.


Final step

You are trained on how to apply everything you learned to your daily life at the end of your recovery program with your comprehensive addiction treatment regimen. An individualized therapy relapse prevention program will be created to ensure you get accustomed to preventing any urge to use drugs after you are released from the facility. You can do this. Once you come into our facilities, you will never be alone. All you have to do to get started is call Heston Recovery and set up an appointment at our addiction treatment center in Carmel, Indiana today.