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Addiction can ravage the lives of those affected and the people closest to them. It can be difficult to reach out for help, but it is often the only way to overcome the disease and regain a life of normalcy. We operate drug rehab centers across the United States to help individuals detox from drugs and alcohol while working through the experiences and emotions that pushed them towards addiction in the first place. Our clients are given compassionate care at our facilities, as well as the support they need to maintain their recovery.

Individuals arriving at our drug detox clinic undergo an evaluation to ensure detoxification is as safe as possible. We offer supervised detoxes to our clients because it is an effective and safe way to detox from illicit substances. Caring staff members can offer words of encouragement when withdrawal symptoms make it difficult to make it through the process, thus ensuring your success. Our staff is also available around the clock to monitor clients for signs of serious complications. Unlike detoxing at home, supervised detox ensures help is never far away.

Providing a safe and secure environment that fosters recovery is a role we take seriously. When clients feel comfortable enough to honestly discuss their emotions and experiences at our addiction recovery center, they are able to understand personal triggers that lead to substance abuse. Our team of professionals understand the importance of fostering trusting relationships with clients, and we make it a priority with every single individual we help.

One of the most important relationships at our addiction treatment facility is the one between client and therapist. A solid foundation of trust and compassion between therapist and client encourages honest discussion about a variety of topics that may help uncover underlying addiction causes. Individual therapy sessions play a major role in addiction recovery, and our therapists are trained to identify clients who could benefit from dual diagnosis, which allows for treatment of both the addiction and any co-occurring disorder. Our team of experts work on treating any co-occurring disorders in addition to addiction to ensuring individuals are able to overcome obstacles that might prevent them from remaining sober.

At our drug rehab facility in Lawrence, Kansas, we also integrate group therapy sessions into all clients’ recovery plans to ensure they receive well-rounded care. Group sessions are conducted with small groups of clients with a therapist to oversee and lead discussions. Many of our clients find it insightful to interact with peers in a controlled environment where each person can play an active role in each other’s recovery journeys. Constructive criticism and support are both welcome during these discussions as clients grow together and learn from one another.

An immersive addiction recovery program like that offered at our Lawrence, Kansas substance abuse treatment facility can help individuals kick start their road to recovery, but the struggle to overcome addiction does not end with graduation. Recovery is a lifelong challenge for anyone who has struggled with addiction, and many individuals find that the most vulnerable time is directly after leaving an addiction treatment center. Our staff is committed to assisting clients locate aftercare facilities close to home that can help them continue their journey to sobriety.

We recommend moving into a sober living home to some clients, because these facilities encourage routine while offering an in-house network of support from other residents. We also encourage clients to find a therapist in their hometowns with whom they can build a trusting relationship and continue working to find healthy coping mechanisms for new challenges. Committing to attending support groups can also help ensure individuals have a support system even after leaving our addiction recovery facility.

Fighting addiction with the help of an addiction recovery program can help individuals take the necessary steps to achieve sobriety. Our addiction recovery center in Lawrence, Kansas helps clients break the addiction cycle and work towards long term recovery.