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In order to achieve the goal of recovery at our addiction recovery center, we recognize that each of our clients comes to us with a unique and individualized set of life circumstances. One of the most important steps upon arrival is to ensure our clients undergo detox under the supervision of our experienced and caring staff. Our detox clinic will make the process safe for our clients. Detoxing will help to give our clients a more clear picture of our Minnetonka, Minnesota addiction treatment center, and how their life is about to change for the better.

Once the detox is complete and our client is safely ready to start the program we will work to determine if there are any co-occurring mental health issues that need to be addressed. Co-occurring mental health issues are often times missed or overlooked because of the addiction. Once these issues are realized, dual diagnosis mental health treatment can be offered. By treating both the addiction and the co-occurring disorder, clients will have the best possible chance at reaching the goals they have set for recovery.

At our Minnetonka, Minnesota drug rehab center, we are so much more than an addiction recovery facility. Our staff works tirelessly to maintain the highest quality of care while giving our clients a safe place to recover from addiction. Therapy within the facility works in many different ways. Peers of incoming clients will share their stories and life lessons through therapy sessions. All clients are thoroughly encouraged to share their feelings and thoughts in an open and honest arena. Knowing that they are surrounded by people who want to know them as they truly are.

Our substance abuse treatment facility finds a treatment plan as unique as the client who enters our doors. No two clients are alike, and each client will need very specific care. It is that kind of individualized care that we have seen encourage changes for the better occur time and time again. The client is not just at a drug rehab clinic, they are in a place that truly wants to make a difference in their life.

What our clients have been through should give way to a healthy and happy life in recovery. We know the kind of work that it takes to go through rehabilitation, and our addiction treatment clinic has the experience and know how to make the journey for our clients an exploration of what they are made of. Realizing the true strength and spirit within themselves while seeing what a community of caregivers can assist them in finding, can be life changing.

No matter what type of programs will best benefit our clients, we will provide them. We are completely dedicated to ensuring every client who enters our facility leaves with the tools they need to face the challenges addiction has placed in their way and emerge successful. When you’ve had enough of addiction, contact our drug rehab clinic and we’ll get you the treatment you need to reach the goals you have set for recovery.